box fit class

Swift BOX-FIT Class

Level: All abilities | Duration: 45 mins | Calories burned: 600/hr

If you want a great full body workout, join us at Swift Box-fit. Learning basic boxing skills while having a high-intensity fitness class, working up a sweat in a group motivating environment. You will be practising one-two punch combinations, how to hold pads, and much much more… Get fighting fit at Swift Fitness YORK


What are the benefits of Swift Box-Fit?

Developing hand speed, agility, power, cardiovascular fitness, and gaining self-confidence, here are just some reasons why to join a Swift Box-Fit class:

  • Intense body conditioning – the very nature of combat means a combination of punches and cardio will help you pick up the pace and reaction time
  • Build stamina –  cardio plus high-intensity moves will get your heart rate going and stay active for longer
  • Strengthen your body – you’ll work your whole body and the constant and tone your core
  • Burn fat – it goes without saying, Boxfit is a cardio workout so you’ll burn calories and torch fat
  • Bust stress and build confidence – you’ll release endorphins while doing this high-intensity exercise and be surprised by how good it feels to pack a punch on the pads
  • Stay motivated – not only will you have fun but you’ll meet new people and your self-esteem will soar. Now how’s that for motivation


Boxing pads and gloves are provided “but we would prefer you to bring your own due to hygiene and corvid reasons”  Please wear breathable clothing that lets you move and stretch with ease, and bring a bottle of water to class with you, if not you can always grab one from the reception vendor machine – you can fill this up for free in the gym. be prepared, to be in the best shape of your life with Swift Box-Fit

All Pay As You Go are all welcome for only £5 per class

If you would like to book: [email protected] or 01904 541741