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Is Pilates for You?

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What do David Bekham, Lewis Hamilton, Chris Froome, Mark Cavendish, Tiger Woods, Russell Brand, Harry Kane, Andy Murray, Madonna and the New Zealand All Blacks have in common… they all do Pilates!

Joseph Pilates developed ’Contrology’ (called Pilates after his death) by taking elements of boxing, gymnastics, weight training, self-defence, dance and circus training that helped him with his health problems and shared it with men to improved strength, flexibility and general health.

Dancers flocked from the ballet school next door after hearing through the grapevine that he could help with their fitness and injuries.

Since taking up Pilates Adele’s slim and toned new figure has been plastered across countless magazines speaking of the huge impact Pilates has had on her, not just physically but emotionally too. Football star Ryan Gigg’s credits his long playing career to Pilates along with other conditioning work.

Pilates focuses on the core with exercises being performed with control, precision, breathing, flow and concentration to gain strength and flexibility helping to work every area of your body.

Pilates will improve your flexibility, give you core strength, align your body, improve your posture and help you stay injury-free.
Regular Pilates will improve mobility, aid in lifting heavier weights, help you to run faster and be pain-free on long cycle rides.

What’s to lose in giving it a try, any question please get in touch… 01904 541341 or email [email protected]

Next Pilates Class: 19:15pm with Gill, Wednesday 8th January 2020

Introductory Offer of Just £5.00 usually £9.00…