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I have spent the last 17 years within the sports industry during this time I have worked as a professional Rugby League Player where I have gained a mast amount of experience training at an elite level.

I’ve worked in schools all over Yorkshire taking whole school assembly’s on health and nutrition also coaching young children how to have fun during physical activity, following this, I gained my rugby league level 1 & 2 coaching badges and Physical activity qualifications Since the opening of Swift Fitness York I am now working on, one to one personal training to help individuals reach there own personal goals.

I was involved with professional rugby league outfit Oxford RL in a conditioning/playing role.

About you

New customers will have a physical analysis to create a plan specifically tailored for you, taking into consideration work commitments, lifestyle, current fitness and health.

You will then begin your’re one to one sessions, your assessments will take place to assess your current fitness also taking into consideration limitations you may have or injuries past or current.

The 3 areas I will be assessing will be strength, cardiovascular fitness, mobility upper and lower body, this will give me the opportunity to plan and prepare programmes tailored for you.

Once assessments are completed you will then begin your programmes, all programmes will vary depending on your needs and level of fitness.

They will be designed to be progressive and challenging over a period of weeks, the plan will be to make sure you are continuously developing mentally and physically, understanding the in’s and out’s of training and making great strides to your overall goal.

Specialist Sports Conditioning:

Improving Speed, Strength and Agility, I specialise in improving an individual and Teams on their athletic performance working on endurance, speed, power and agility.

On an individual basis, I will use Intensity progression workouts tailored to the sport, using compound movements with plyometric exercises i.e compound movements -heavy squats into plyometric – bodyweight box jumps.

I may also use a blood shunting method for extremely fit individuals to make the session more challenging.

Case Study – Shoulder Injury

I had a male client join me around weeks 2 to 4 of his rehab, the aim for me was to begin to restore strength in the muscle and achieve full range of motion in the shoulder joint.

We began isometric and static strengthening exercises, moving the shoulder into abduction and external rotation when it was comfortable to do so.

I continued with mobility exercises and achieved a pain free range of movement.

One of the most important exercises for him to keep working on was medial rotation in the internal range of movement.

It was vital that strength was built up to avoid future shoulder dislocations.

He has been working hard on scapular stabilization exercises, in doing this his shoulder mobility and range of movement has improved considerably.

If you have any injuries and are concerned about any fitness training…get in touch and arrange a consultation.

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In January 2011 I fell off a quad bike whilst on holiday in Egypt and fractured two of my vertebrae S1 and L3. I had vertebroplasty to mend S1 and had to wait for L3 to heal naturally which took about 8 weeks. In early 2012 I started to go to the gym and exercise again but stuck mostly to cardio.

Towards the middle of 2012 I had to stop going to the gym as I was increasingly suffering with lower back pain. I started to have physio which didn’t help a great deal and by November 2012 I was signed off sick from work and didn’t return until April 2013.

During that time it became uncomfortable to even sit down and I was referred to a back surgeon.

In January 2013 the surgeon advised I had a ruptured disc and I had posterior lumbar interbody fusion (PLIF) surgery – basically surgery to remove one of the discs in my lower back and replace it with metal and pins.

After about 6 weeks I started physio and gradually got back to the gym for light exercise. However, I didn’t achieve the results I wanted as I found it hard to know which exercises to do without damaging my back again.

Training with you has enabled me to get a high intensity, whole body workout which I haven’t had the knowledge or confidence to achieve previously.

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I had never worked with a PT before so wasn’t sure what to expect and was slightly concerned that I’d be given exercises (or a routine) to do that might not be right for me. However, Danny very quickly put my mind to rest by taking the time to properly listen to my experience and understand certain injuries and limitations that I had.

I was really impressed by how he incorporated all of this into my initial six-week plan and also his willingness to change things around mid-session if things weren’t working.

Danny is also not afraid to challenge and make you accountable for your own success – having now had over 20 PT sessions with him I am comfortable in designing my routine/s based on what I have learnt; Danny is always happy to check these over and meet as frequently (or occasionally) as works for me. Highly recommended!

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About Danny Allan

Currently I am working at Swift Fitness York as a personal trainer and also with the professional Club Oxford Rugby League as their head strength and conditioning team, coaching and setting group programmes for players to improve fitness levels and upper and lower body strength to utilise and benefit while playing.

Personal Trainer Enquiry

I will provide a bespoke training plan for you, the cost will vary depending on what you require, please get in touch below.