You can book online using the booking system available.

We have a selection of the following equipment fitness equipment;

Spinning bikes
Boxing bags
Chin up Bars
Climbing ropes
Power Ropes
The Classes available are below, please call to ask about the class times.

Swift Yoga
HIIT Classes
Swift Boot Camp
Legs, Bums & Tums
Box “A” Cycle
**Important** Please ensure you complete the In-house Induction Before using any Fitness Equipment – Click Here

In our studio room, you will have a chance to join in circuit classes or work to your own fitness goal.

Swift Fitness Classes – Class Price – £5.00 Non-Members – £4.50 for Members.
We will be increasing the classes over the next few months, talk to us if you have a preference of time in the morning and type of class.

Any type of exercise is known to relieve stress. However, a Swift Cycle Class can be a more efficient stress reliever than most types of exercise. This is due to the fact that the workout is intensive, challenging and most rewarding also it is a class where you can meet people and socialise.

Swift Circuit Class is a method of resistance training, or weight training, that maximizes the volume of work done in a short period of time. i.e. boxing, rope climb, sit ups and chin ups.

Circuit training is a great tool to use for people who are interested in weight loss, muscle gain, improvement in fitness levels or overall strength increases.

Swift Yoga is a form of exercise that is designed to make the body function more efficiently. Yoga, when practised correctly will have a hugely beneficial effect on the body. At Swift Fitness you will be taught by a trained, experienced professional that will strive to give 100% benefits. It is instrumental in increasing the flexibility of individual as all the positions of this particular therapy acts upon the numerous joints in the body and leaves them pliable. Yoga also helps in enhancing the lubrication of the joints, ligaments and the tendons in the body.

Book a class and don’t miss out…Uncover a happier, healthier you! whether you need to lose weight, get toned, or just rejuvenate your spirit, Swift Fitness York will provide the facility’s…the rest is up to you!!!


Members Can Book Online – Non Members please Call 01904 541741, or email [email protected]