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Zumba Blog by Erika
I had the option of writing here a great list of physical, mental, and emotional benefits that you can get when you regularly attend a Zumba class. But it is information that you can easily get everywhere. So, I would like to dedicate this space to tell you about my experience, emotions and transformations throughout these last 5 years teaching my Zumba classes.

But first, let me tell you how it all started.
Since I was a child, dancing has been part of my life. In the beginning, it was just a hobby, and then it was transformed into interesting projects always related to dance. I love learning different styles and discovering music that motivates me to dance. I like to be inspired by cultural diversity… I love to connect with others.
As an adult, once I experienced the boost of energy that creates the exercise on the body, I knew I had found my passion… exercising. The feeling of satisfaction at the end of an intense HIIT class, lifting weights or running is incredible… hard to explain.

So, getting certified as a Zumba instructor represented for me the colliding of two passions: dance and exercise.
In my Zumba classes I always emphasise that it is not a dance class, I’m not looking for synchrony or perfection, I want to see my class having fun while at the same time we exercise. I love when each person who attends my Zumba classes lets their own style flow. I have seen transformations in girls who started feeling very shy and over time they develop so much confidence!
Because that is what it is all about: to feel good about ourselves, to allow us a time to connect our mind and body, to be happy…to exercise.

When we activate the happiness hormones when we dance, we feel a positive change. your problems and circumstances will not be solved but your perspective will change, and therefore, your attitude to handle them will change.

Doing something that we really enjoy will give us tools to manage our emotions and if in this activity we are also doing a great cardiovascular exercise, we will get a double benefit. Zumba is so funny that you would be surprised to know how many squats we do in each class, you just will not notice them because you will be having so much fun dancing!

This is the magic of attending a Zumba class, you will not only enjoy the result and that feeling of joy and fulfilment, but you will also enjoy the process greatly.

I did not know how powerful the positive impact of a Zumba class could have in a person until I experienced it. Because I had always started from a point where I felt good, so I only associated the dance with fun.

I have experienced many moments where I felt down and unmotivated, but as I get into a Zumba class, I feel like a flow of energy takes over me. I am definitely a different person before and after a Zumba class. That feeling of power, well-being and joy is wonderful.

Now I understand why more people attend my classes in winter. I was surprised to see that even when it was raining, snowing and very cold, many people preferred to go to the gym to dance than to stay comfy on a warm sofa with a cup of tea at home, is very obvious that once you find an activity that brings you so many benefits, you will not to stop doing it, especially on days when things do not look so easy.

Zumba classes have also been the perfect place to connect with others. It has been beautiful to see people bonding who initially only attended to just dance, and over time they create beautiful friendships and connections. Because without a doubt, socialising with people who share the same interests as us is important. The sense of belonging, to know that we are part of a group where each one of us is valuable and special, a place free of judgments, where no one is better than another, where we are not going to compete but to team up and support each other is a safe place.


Zumba York Class from Swift Fitness York on Vimeo.

In summary, I will give you my 3 reasons why I love Zumba classes:
1. I enjoy dancing. It makes me feel happy, powerful, sexy, and optimistic.
2. Exercising gives me vitality. I am aware of the great impact and benefit that movement generates on my physical, mental, and emotional health.
3. I love to meet different people and discover our common points. The passion for dance and wellbeing unites us!
If you like to dance, and it bores you to be on an elliptical or to train alone, without a doubt going to a Zumba class is an excellent option for you.

Keep in mind that instructors have their unique style on the way of they connect with the team, favourite playlists, well, actually, there is no instructor better than other one, we are all different, not all of us likes the same things, someone’s will like a simple choreography other will like a more challenging one, I like to focus on a good selection of music that lifts our emotions and allow me to create movements that are easy to follow but powerful.

I hope you find a class that clicks with you.
Let us dance and have fun together!