Fallen Back In Love With Fitness?
You will have probably found you’ve had plenty of time on your hands during quarantine and decided to take up fitness to lose weight or for general health, some of you may already be into the gym (Swift Fitness) and some of you it might be the first time to a NEWER you! If so you’ve already done the hard work you’ve lost weight or you’ve gained lean muscle and your feeling good and full of confidence but you’ve never taken that NEXT STEP??

Fitness Class In York


Been going to Swift for just over three years now. New to the gym when I started and all the family wer very kind and welcoming. Helped me learn how to use the machines and even helped with work out suggestions. 3 years on and I go to two classes a week now, really friendly and for all abilities. Would highly recommend this gym and the classes!

Why You Should Take That Next Step And Join The Swift Team?

First of all when you first sign up you wont be just a number to us like you are in these big chain budget gyms and paying your hard earned money to a suit down in London meaning you DONT get the guidance you deserve and you DONT see the results you want! This is why we like to invest a lot time and effort into our members so you DO reach your fitness goals, and you DO get the guidance you deserve while still getting that personal touch due to us been a family run gym so if you are still reading this that means you are serous about your fitness goals and are wondering how we CAN help you achieve them? Read on…

What Are Your Fitness Goals And How We Can Achieve Them?

This boils down to every individual and what you want to achieve for example if you are wanting to gain lean muscle or build up your cardiovascular fitness then you couldn’t of picked a better gym to do just that providing you with the very best of equipment! When you first sign up we will given a very in depth Induction showing you how to use the equipment or if you are a seasoned trainer you don’t have to have one all we ask of you is to watch our online Induction videos (Link to videos)
If you want to fast track your fitness goals or give some life back into your own training we can tailor make you a Training Program to suit you, we have Personal Training Packages we can provide you also. For more info on this please see us at reception…


Happy to endorse others comments, really nice gym, clean, comfortable changing room, friendly atmosphere. I’m looking forward to spending time there.
I’m also really pleased with the personal training sessions I’ve booked with Danny. I’ve received excellent instruction and advice.

That’s not all! If you are a social person and feed off positive people in a group environment then our Swift HIIT sessions might be for you even though you’re in a group you will be shown how to use equipment correctly and guided right through out the sessions we have some great group classes here at Swift Fitness if you would like to know more in depth about them the links are below so what you waiting for TAKE THAT NEXT STEP and become apart of the ever growing Swift TEAM.

Two of our Swift Fitness York Members who reconnected with their fitness goals, Boo and Shaun lost 20kg in weight following fitness goals.