Glute Kick Backs

Training glutes at Swift Fitness York

Purpose of exercise: To develop and isolate the Glutes (Gluteus maximus) muscle also it is the largest out of the three-gluteal muscles…

It’s normally a women’s most favorite muscle to train in the gym but not a mans?

You will generally find women with well-developed glutes and great shaped legs are the best squatters! Because the bottom half of a squat passed 90 degrees is glute dominant this is where some men struggle due to having weak glutes so maybe its time for us men to take a leaf out of the ladies book and train our glutes!

So cut a long story short it is important to train our glutes, however for men who don’t want to train them solely then I would definitely advise you to use glute exercises to warm up before squatting i.e. glute bridges, Kick Back machine or using the cable, or even using just a simple squat band before doing a leg session to wake them up and get them firing!

Execution: When using the Glutes machine, it is important to make sure the pads are in the correct position, the center pad need to be snug to the stomach but not too much, that you are relying on it and not being able to engage your core.

The rear pad needs to be at the right height, just enough space for both legs to kneel in, this is well demonstrated by Isobel or if you would like a personal demonstration on how to use this machine feel free to come and ask us at reception…

Hope you found this of use;

Many thanks