A Trip to Swift Fitness York

Comments from Huntington School, York

We brought our group of Y10 GCSE PE students to Swift Fitness York as a way for them to experience and embed their knowledge around the content being taught to them about training.

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The Setup

The setup of the facility was great as it meant the students got to spend time working on 3 different types of training with 3 different people.

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The Experience

Lots of the students do not yet have gym memberships so it gave them their first experience of training in a proper gym environment with specialist coaching. Danny was really friendly and knowledgeable even adapting his coaching to ensure it matched the specification.

The Support

Danny and Marcus could not have been more accommodating in meeting the needs of the trip and students. It was a great experience and one the students are still talking about it weeks later. It will be great for when we talk about post exercise muscle soreness (DOMS) in our future lessons!

Thank you Nat
Huntington PE

From The Team at Swift Fitness York

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It’s pleasing to see that Huntington School is so motivated for fitness, and looking for new ways to engage their students.

Promoting physical activity and overall well-being among students is essential for their development and academic success. So many schools enhance the fitness culture with a variety of activities and sports to cater to different interests and abilities.

We would always recommend Active Breaks: Encourage teachers to incorporate short physical activity breaks into classroom routines. These breaks can involve stretching, dancing, or simple exercises to help students stay active and energised throughout the day.

At Swift Fitness York we believe it’s so important to create a positive and inclusive environment that encourages all students to participate and enjoy physical activity. Celebrate their achievements and provide support and resources for those who may need it. By promoting a culture of fitness, any school can help students develop lifelong healthy habits.

Gym in York

If you are a Student or Teacher reading this and would love a trip to Swift Fitness York please get in touch, email us at [email protected] or call 01904 541741

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