Swift Fitness Class Information

Here at Swift Fitness York we like to do things a little differently, and think outside the box, because of this our group exercise timetable is made up of a multitude of classes that are unique to Swift Fitness and as far as we know you will not find on your generic fitness centre class timetable at other centres. Here is a low down of the classes we run from our site and what they entail.

Swift Beginners Cycle

Beginners cycle in an introduction to group indoor cycling. This session consists of bike set up assistance, and a cycle lasting half an hour. Indoor cycling is an awesome way to increase cardiovascular fitness promoting the function of the heart and lungs. Cycling at a high intensity can burn up to 600kals per hour making this class great for weight loss. This class works you using resistance you yourself put onto the bike meaning you could be a seasoned trainer or sedentary newcomer and still enjoy a workout pushing within your own capabilities.

Level: All abilities

Duration: 40 mins

Times: Wed @ 19.40, Fri @ 18.40


Swift fitness Suspendacycle is the merging of two great ways to train. We use the group cycling concept to get all the benefits this class offers the cardiovascular system combined with bodyweight resistance training using suspension trainers. This is truly a full body workout as the suspension trainers tone every muscle group and give you strength and definition.

Level: intermediate/advanced (We would recommend attending a beginner’s cycle before progressing to Suspendacycle).

Duration: 60 mins

Times: Fri @ 17.30


Boxacycle is an all-out cardiovascular workout.  Fast punching of boxing will work your upper body muscles in a similar fashion to group cycling adding muscular endurance of the upper and lower body. This with the addition of well-balanced core work to target your abs, oblique’s and strengthen lower back make this the perfect workout for increasing muscular endurance, toning and increase cardiovascular fitness.

Level: intermediate/advanced (We would recommend attending a beginner’s cycle before progressing to Boxacycle).

Duration: 60 mins

Times: Tue @19.00


Resistance cycle

Resistance cycle may be one of the most complete exercise systems about. This workout gives you everything your body needs to physically change its composition for the better. It combines group cycling with “rest based” resistance training to offer you the opportunity to build muscle density and tone up, increase cardiovascular fitness and muscular insurance. If you want to reshape your whole body this workout will provide you with the tools, utilising sand bags, battle ropes, suspension trainers and medicine balls in combination with group cycling. This workout will be a great option for people looking to participate in competitive sports to train to a high standard of fitness.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 60 mins

Times: Tue @ 18.00



Zumba is a Latin style dance class, which will increase your cardiovascular fitness, and help you to burn those calories. Working out in a fun environment with likeminded individuals all working towards fitness goals, Zumba will create an atmosphere within the class which will make you forget you’re doing fitness as you concentrate on the Zumba moves.

Level: All

Duration: 45 mins

Times: Thurs @ 19.15



Ravefit is a new and exciting twist on aerobic based exercise. It’s back to the 90s using dance music mainly from this era, to produce a fun environment in which to tone your full body and burn calories. This class will improve your cardiovascular system in an exciting and fun manner using glow sticks and other props.

Level: All

Duration: 45 mins

Times: Mon @ 19.00



Cheerfit uses the high energy concept of cheerleading to produce a fun aerobic workout which will burn calories, and tone your full body. This class incorporates the foundations of cheerleading with cardio fitness of interval training all done with Pom poms.

Level: All

Duration: 60mins

Times: Sat @ 10.15am


Legs Bums and Tums (LBS’s)

LBT is a workout designed specifically for toning the lower body. It utilises leg and core exercises to improve definition of your whole legs and mid-section. This class will burn calories and improve overall conditioning.

Level: All

Duration: 60 mins

Time: Thurs @ 18.00


Look out for more classes coming to our timetable in the near future.