Support your knees with Swift Fitness York

Support your knees… because they support YOU!!

We are on our feet for the majority of your day to day activates for your full lifetime. Your knees support a full load of your bodyweight all your life, and many of us without knee injuries take them for granted. Behind your patella (knee cap) there is a web of different ligaments whose aim is to support you and offer you the ability to run. These are easily damaged when knee abuse occurs and once this occurs there is a long road to recovery, which will leave you wishing you took precautions earlier.

Domestic knee abuse
Don’t think that to prevent injury you will have to Mollie Coddle your knees and never again put stress on them. They are one of the most robust joints in the human body capable of taking mass amounts of punishment. Although this is the case we can make life a little less stressful by exercising smart, for our most supporting joint.
Ok so you’re new to exercise and you’re heavy. You decide to opt for old trusty road running on your path to successfully achieving your fitness goals. Now imagine the shock of your full body bearing down on one poor knee as you heel strike the ground repeatedly, all your weight loaded up onto that one point. For an unconditioned joint with undeveloped muscle support and ligaments surrounding the knee, this is knee abuse and is a factor that could lead to problems in the future.

Swift Fitness supports and understands knees
Here at swift were here to offer you an opportunity to take the strain away for the knees as we understand they have it hard. We have singled out our Arc trainers as the perfect non-load-bearing machine to offer you all the benefits cardiovascular fitness can offer whilst taking the strain and impact of your lower limbed joints. The smooth action of the Arc combined with the option to adjust the range of movement and add resistance to work lower limbed muscles make this machine the perfect option for people who care about their joint health.

Stay strong for the knee
People who play a sport or run are even more at risk of injury. When twisting and direction change in sports it is imperative that all the odds are stacked in your knees favour and the muscles surrounding the joint are in peak physical condition.

Swift is here again! To offer a resistance machine, which will strengthen all the big external well-known muscles, but also the stabilising internal muscles, which add stability as their name, suggest.
The HIITMILL X machine is an advanced version of a treadmill allowing more bodyweight resistance to be placed on all the muscles, which surround and stabilize your knee. Strong stabilizing muscles around the knee are the key to preventing injury, particularly in the sports activity.

Support your knees because they support you!

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