Sit Ups For Six Pack Abs

I believe there is not one person that would not want more definition around there midriff. Although this is the case many people are very misinformed as to how to go about trying to achieve six pack abs. Here are some facts and tips that will put you on the right track towards getting your 6 pack or simply toning your middle.

Sit ups for abs?

If you have layer of body fat around your middle you will never get visible definition from doing sit ups alone. Sit ups or any similar abdominal or oblique exercise are for toning and creating a good looking athletically pleasing shapes to your stomach and surrounding areas. But all this hard work doing toning exercises will be a waste if your awesomely toned abdominals are buried beneath a layer of unsightly body fat.

No. 1  Priority; loses the body fat.

The first port of call will be to consume fewer calories than your body needs to maintain your weight. By doing this your body will start to lose body fat.  Abs are made visible via the kitchen and sculptured in the gym. Cooking your own meals is a good start as you know what ingredients you are putting into your food. Preparing your own meals for the day will put you in a good position as even the supposed healthy options for meals you buy ready prepared such as salads will be laced with high calorie dressings.

Consuming slightly less calories than your body uses to maintain your weight throughout the day will promote fat loss. To help you with this some high intensity cardiovascular fitness will help you use some more calories as energy which in turn loose weight. Try some interval or fartlek training, and if unsure speak to a Swift Fitness York trainer to get these training techniques incorporated into your workout.

Calorie counting may seem like something done by the gym anorak, but without knowing how many calories you should be shooting for per day you will be taking a shot in the dark and this will slow your progression down. There are masses of applications out there to help you calorie count, and for further assistance with this speak to a SFY member of staff.

Building your Abs.

Many people treat there abs differently to other muscle groups in there body doing 100s of sit ups every day. Your abs and core should be given as much recovery as every other muscle group in your body. Don’t treat them any different, if your core is sore let it rest and recover.

Training techniques used should be similar to what gets you the best results with other muscle groups you train. If your body responds well to simple sets and repetitions use that, if super setting get you good results do that. Basically why swap and change training techniques for your abs/core away from what’s getting you results, don’t fix what’s not broken.

Best Of luck with you training missions, if you need any help you know where to find me,

Eat well, train well, be well.

Danny Allan