Losing Weight…The Key Principals

Losing weight is one of the simplest things to understand in theory and one of the hardest things to put into practice, to basically sum up losing weight as a whole you have to eat fewer calories than your body is burning per day, simple right!  If you do this you will lose weight and that’s a fact!

It’s a simple concept to understand but to put it into practice there are countless obstacles to overcome to mean you’re consuming less calories than our body’s using daily,  you will need willpower to avoid your body’s cravings.

Food Cravings

Your body is a clever machine which will resist losing weight any way it can, it has no concept of civilisation and any way of knowing you can simply nip to the local supermarket for your next meal.

When it feels it’s getting to a point where it’s running out of energy for fuel it will send chemical signals to your brain telling you to eat the most calorie dense things you’ve encountered in the past, donuts, burgers, chocolate ex. basically the foods that are packed full of the most energy in a small serving.

It’s important to try and avoid getting to this stage of craving unless you have the willpower of an SAS soldier.  To subdue cravings eat small portions/meals regularly as this will prevent your body from sending signals telling yourself you need high calorie “junk food” for the energy.

Doing the Maths

There will be a figure or calorie bracket which you eat each day to maintain weight, your body will be programmed to eat this amount of calories daily to stay at what your body believes is its ideal weight.

This number can be roughly worked out by your height, current weight, and age.  Once this number has been figured out you can manage your weight by making sure you’re eating less than what your body needs to maintain your current weight. This should not be too far below what your body needs to maintain weight to avoid cravings for junk food as stated above.

For more information on working out your calorie intake and how many calories you should be consuming daily for weight loss, speak to a Swift Fitness York Personal Trainer.

Nutrients in Food

Different nutrients found in your foods contain a different amount of calories.  Understanding this will give you an insight into which foods are going to be more calorie dense than others, fats have the highest calorie content, with nine calories per gram.  Your body does need fats to function effectively so cutting fats completely out of your diet will not be healthy but be mindful that foods that are high in fats will be calorie dense.

Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram and offers little nutritional value, for people that do drink daily this could be something to cut back on to help you consume less calories daily,  Alcohol should be used as a treat sporadically!

Protein has four calories per gram, this nutrient is essential for repair damaged body tissue after exercise, so if training regular try consume foods high in protein.

Carbohydrates also contain four calories per gram. Your body uses carbs for energy so consume foods high in carbs to give yourself the energy for training and physical activity.

Good luck with your weight loss, together we can support you to  achieve your training goals,-

Danny Allan

Personal Trainer

Swift Fitness York