Foot and Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis provides you with essential information about your walking/running style. It analyses if your feet over-pronate (feet roll in too much) or under-pronate (where the feet don’t roll in enough).

For the seasoned veterans of long distance running, to individuals who are looking to simply participate in a more active lifestyle we can offer you the opportunity to have your running/walking style looked at on a personal basis. We will examine your degree of pronation when walking and running and help you select the correct shoe or insole type. This in turn will help you walk and run in more comfort, for longer periods. Personalizing your footwear or insoles to accommodate your own specific gait will be beneficial in preventing ankle, knee and lower back injury’s associated with running.

How Is This Done?

We use two different methods for examining gait. The first is a visual inspection by our trained professionals. We look specifically at how you stand and your foot composition to gain an overall picture of the biomechanics of your feet, ankles and knees.

Also we use video gait analysis. This involves walking and running on a treadmill for a few minutes whilst we record your feet and running style. Footage is then slowed down and assessed by swift finesses gait analysis professionals. We will look at how the legs hips and body rotate and move in correlation with each other to get an accurate overall picture and of your running style. This in turn will help you to select the correct footwear or insoles, for maximum comfort, support and improvement to your running style.

For more information speak to any of the swift fitness team.