Yorkshire 3 Peaks Completed by the Swift Fitness Team and Members.

Marcus Allan taking you through the preparation and emotions prior and on the day!

The team at Swift Fitness York decided to put their love for fitness to another level, but this time including some of our very own gym members.

As you may or not know our Swift Fitness team is very driven when it comes to fitness, we always aim to help those who want to reach their peak level of fitness in any group environment, we have many fitness classes, which help members with achieving that.

Why We Chose The Yorkshire 3 Peaks?

As we said we wanted to take members and ourselves to another level of fitness, having plenty of endurance equipment onsite at Swift Fitness made the preparation for this huge fitness goal achievable.

The Yorkshire Three Peaks is an amazing place to ramble across, plus it gave us that extra drive as we were also completing the peaks for several much-needed charities locally and the rest of the United Kingdom.

The Training for the 3 Peaks…


Danny our very own in-house Personal Trainer and Ex Rhinos player prepared us for the following months ahead using some of the following methods;

Simulation (Specific pieces of kit to simulate the Yorkshire 3 peaks)

It’s pretty difficult to get the time to drive backwards and forwards up into the dales every day of the week to prepare for the peaks, so Danny prepped everyone as much as he could here in our fully equipped gym.

Danny set the pace on the treadmills keeping everyone working at the same time, while walking inclines and declines, it was a great way of training to help keep the group stay together on the day of the walk.

The second piece of equipment Danny set us to work on,  was the Step-mills (revolving steps) to make sure we could climb Ingleborough the highest peak of all of them at 723m elevation, we definitely had our work cut out, however Danny kept us motivated right throughout and made sure we were ready for the big day.

On The Day – Things you may need;

Preparation For The Day Of The Peaks…

If you are thinking of doing the 3 peaks the most important thing is to make sure you take some trainers with you! Even though people recommend walking boots a lot of us did get blisters and changed into trainers halfway through, however, if you are a seasoned walker you most likely have spent the money on decent walking footwear.

Here is a list on what we took along on the day…

The Essentials:
Lightweight Waterproofs, Jacket and Bottoms
Sweatshirt or Hoodie
Sun cream
Keeping your bag light but having the essentials you need; you will be thankful later on in the walk…

The Food & Drink:

Plenty of water is a no brainer you will be surprised how much fluid you lose during the walk so keeping hydrated is a must, but to keep yourself fueled up.   I used fast-acting carbohydrates such as Powerade jelly babies, wine gums, and bananas.

The protein source I had was Scitec Protein bars Almond nuts, beef jerky, boiled eggs.

Another tip is to pick your food wisely, something which is not heavy on your stomach especially when you will be walking for miles, eat small amounts little and often is a good way to do it.

The Experience:

The Very Start –

So, putting all that hard training to work, Danny’s advice and training regime were about to be tested! The day had arrived! I thought I would put a few words together on how the day went, thoughts, barriers and achievement.

We wanted a challenge and we most certainly got one! On the morning of the peaks, everybody was keen and ready to go so we set off walking and we reached the first peak Pen-y-ghent and it was an eye-opener what the rest of the day held for us.

Once we had reached the top of Pen-y-ghent, we had a 15-minute break just to regroup after the climb and a bit of a reality check!

So, we all set off to our second peak, which was the Whernside peak this was a bit of a gruelling walk to get there but it was worth it, absolutely amazing views…

Mid Way Through

Whernside is more of a walk than a climb so we actually got more of a chance to take in the views, but what I did notice on the walk to Whernside is the group started to break up which was fine!  Yet what’s great about us as a group and a gym is that we stuck together and we brought the best out in each other, some even walked back to motivate others which made the day a lot easier for everyone helping us eventually reach the top!

After a another gruelling walk I stood and looked out to an amazing view best one out of all three peaks, you could see for miles it was made even better with a clear blue sky and a shining sun.  We all chilled out and enjoyed our lunch and talked about how far we’ve walked up to now and had a few team photos to together, after a good half hour of rest and a good yack we all decided to move onto the final peak.

The Home Straight – Well Kind off!

Ingleborough was our final peak, which was either going to make us or break us! Anyway, we all set off as a group, an hour or so in I had to stop and change into my trainers because I couldn’t hack the burning feeling of my blisters anymore on my feet, to top it off I lost a toenail when pulling my sock off! It was just a case of grim and bear it but I felt miles better with my trainers on.

Fast forward one hour we were getting a lot nearer to the last peak of the 3 peaks, Ingleborough, at this point it was getting tough, the training from in the gym was definitely giving me the edge I needed to complete this! I was completely shattered my legs felt numb my feet were on fire! At this point I really had to have a minute to have a word with myself and push to continue, the whole team really rallied around each other to drive each of us through whatever barriers the team member was facing… mainly exhausted legs!

The heat was from the sun was beating down on us, which was really adding to the challenge!

The Real Home Straight! (The Unknown)

Eventually, we arrived within a few miles of Ingleborough, in the distance we could see other 3 peak challengers successfully climbing it, they looked like little ants on a mud mound but least it was finally in sight!

There was no turning back now, all those weeks, months of training, and Danny’s humour had helped us to this point…

All we had to do now is climb it, which took us around had 5 minutes to get our heads around it.

So, the climb began, I didn’t want to look up because it would have just been too daunting, knowing how far I had to climb so it was just a case of a bolder at a time.

On reaching the ridge, a few climbers had mustered around a large boulder, I was thinking we made it, however not knowing it was a planned resting point and they were literally trying to get their second wind!

Knowing that its wasn’t the finish line, was soul-destroying but I climbed on digging deep and finally reaching the top what I relief that was, yet at the same time I was buzzing because I made it!

It was amazing to see the rest of the group waiting for me with smiles on their faces from probably seeing the pain on mine and YES I was the last one to make it to the top! I blame it on genetics!

For the final time we all sat down together to finish off what we had to eat and drink but this time everyone’s thoughts came to the same conclusion. “How long would it take us to get back? and how many miles we had left to walk?

The Mission Back

At the very moment, everyone has had enough battered and bruised and full of blisters! we just wanted to get back!

There was no tapping your red shoes, it’s wasn’t Kansas!!

A quick few team photos and some forced smiles, we all set off back home but this time it was everyone had their own mission, “getting back” the laughing and joking was minimal on the way back, on a positive the weather couldn’t have been better for us I would of hated to think what it would have been like if it was raining all day.

Fast forward 2 hours or so, we finally got back all in one piece there was no better feeling than seeing the finish line.

The Verdict:

It’s one of the hardest things I have taken part in, physically and mentally, and if anyone says otherwise, they are lying!

I hadn’t realised of how much a mental push it was going to be, pushing through the mental and fitness barriers was completely a new level.

If you’re not into your walking, it’s something you will have to train for and it’s defiantly achievable so don’t be put off you won’t regret doing it especially if you are doing it for charity.

Anyone who’s done the Yorkshire Three Peaks I will take my hat off to them and shake their hand it will be one of those I will look back and say I did that and be proud of it!

I Will be looking forward to our next Swift Charity Challenge…

We, the team at Swift Fitness York, are massively impressed by all of the members who took part in the mental and physical task of The Yorkshire 3 Peaks, below you will see some of the monies raised by the gym members who joined us.

I’m sure you will join us in congratulating everyone who took part, and of a special thanks to Danny Allan for preparing us.

Nominated Charities and `Monies Raised By:

Ciaran, 15 years of age raised £1000 for “Hoping York Street Kitchen” and it was his auntie who first started the charity up the star man on the day!

Boo & Team raised £527.50 for Epilepsy Research UK
Richard & Irene raised £165 for Macmillan Cancer Care Charity
Total: £1692.50 for Charity

The Swift Charity Challenge Squad


Thanks for reading hope this filled a gap in your day, and helps you prepare for the fitness and mindset possibly required if you are thinking of taking part.

Good luck,

Marcus Allan

Swift Fitness York