Dry January… Staying Focused over a 4 Week Plan

Week one
Even in the very first week you’ll of started to notice some changes. You may find your concentration is a lot sharper your energy levels are up and the quality of sleep your having will be a lot better, feeling more refreshed the next day.

Week Two
In week two things start to look a bit clearer like the fog is starting to lift as they say more clear-headed and you’re more likely to deal with daily life stresses better, another thing you may notice that you are visiting the toilet a lot more which is a good thing because it’s a sign of better hydration.

Week Three
In week three you’ll find your jeans or skirt will start feeling looser due to cutting the booze while the pounds are dropping off why don’t you become apart of (Swift Fitness) sign up to lose even more weight! Making you look and feel better.

Week Four
After one month of NO alcohol, your actual health and longevity will of benefited massively reducing the risk of two most common cancers breast & colorectal not only that reducing your drinking can prevent the risk of strokes and heart disease

Another good side effect of no booze is the appearance of your skin. Alcohol diminishes the anti-diuretic hormone, but with no alcohol, in your system, it has a chance to replenish making your skin look smoother and younger.

Another hormone which benefits after 4 weeks with no alcohol is the male hormone testosterone, the primary male sex hormone. It gives men our masculine features and plays a critical role in muscle and bone growth as well as sperm development.

A few weeks without alcohol is also great for your immune system while Corvid is out there playing the grim reaper our immune system needs to be in tip-top shape you’ll find if you do catch the common cold or other office viruses you can shake them off and the recovery times a lot faster.

The benefits of doing dry Jan are a no brainer!

All the best and good luck