It seems that people have a very outdated view on fitness and what types of training should be prioritised for losing weight and getting in shape for summer. As the weathers been getting warmer and people have been stripping back the layers I have noticed a surge of people out for a steady jog around the streets in a bid to shape up for summer. Although you will burn calories and lose body mass training in this fashion, there are quicker ways for you to shape up than steadily racking up the miles using continues training. Single-speed jogging for weight loss should be low down on the list of training types to use to shape up aesthetically.



The best way to think of your muscles is as your fat-burning furnaces. The more density you have to your muscles the more energy in calories your body will use simply maintaining your muscles. Having toned developed muscles will increase your metabolic rate meaning if you burn more calories through the day and night by developing your muscles. If you could sit two people down for a full day and not let them move, one with developed muscles and one who does not train with weights, the person with better muscles would burn a lot more calories at rest!



A lot of women are worried about the amount of muscle they may put on if they start weight training. This is a lot to do with the hormones in your body. The hormone that makes a woman a woman is an oestrogen and the male hormone is testosterone. For a woman to put on a lot of muscle mass will require her to take something specific to increase her testosterone as she won’t have enough of this hormone to put on mass amounts of muscle naturally. Simply coming to the gym and training with weights will potentially make you smaller than if you don’t train with weights.



There are some many ways to train with weights that you could read countless books on the subject. If you’re just starting completing repetitions (completing one movement of an exercise is a repetition) in the region of 8-12 will help to strengthen and tone your muscles. You could repeat this block of repetition between 2-4 times. This would be 2-4 sets.

For the more advanced trainer, rest base training could be a good option. Select an exercise and pick a time limit to complete as many repetitions as you can. If you need to stop and rest in the allotted time this is good as it shows you have worked your muscles to the limit. When using this training method picking exercises which work a lot of different muscle groups, for example, a squat shoulder press with dumbbells using legs and upper body will help you burn calories at the same time as developing your muscles.

For any more information on weight training for women, feel free to speak to me or any other SFY member of staff

Danny Allan

Swift Fitness York