Beach & Body 

Ok people that time of year is upon us when we jet off and enjoy some well-earned rest in the sunshine. For us at Swift Fitness two words repeated regularly as fitness goals from our members include Beach and Body.

So what’s the best way to trim and tone to look awesome and instil confidence for your trip away??

Strategic tweaks to your meal times could hold the answer alongside a well-put together fitness regime. Swift Fitness is here to offer you all you need to know on carbohydrates and how they affect your weight management and energy levels in this three part series over the holiday season. 

Carbohydrates – the good – the bad – the ugly


The ability to differentiate between different types of carbs and getting them to work for you is crucial to trimming up for summer.  Carbohydrates will provide you with the energy to perform well and train with an intensity needed to reach your fitness goals. Not all carbs are created equal so knowing which ones are there to offer you powers to train with vigour and which ones plot to stick to your waistline for the free ride is knowledge you must attain to be a step closer to toned body success. 

The Good (unrefined complex carbohydrates)


Your carbs should mainly be made up of unrefined complex starchy carbs (the good) and fibrous carbs (the ugly). Unrefined complex carbs should be the basis of your carb intake.

The good stuff is harder for your body to process due to it having a more complex make up. This in turn will make it harder to over eat the good stuff as your body will send signals saying you’ve eaten enough to process and gain energy.   

The good carbs consist of unrefined complex carbs. They still contain the WHOLE grain, including the bran and the germ. Thus, they are higher in fibre and will keep you feeling fuller for longer – great for weight loss. Examples include whole-grain rice, whole meal bread, porridge oats and whole-wheat pasta.

The Bad (simple or refined carbohydrates)


To put simply, simple and unrefined carbs are your enemy when looking to gain your beach body.  

The carbs, which are refined, are those, which have had the high fibre parts removed (the bran & germ) from the grain. Foods such as White rice, white flour, white bread, sugary cereals, and pasta, noodles and pretty much anything made from white flour are all examples of refined carb foods.  Ideally you should try planning meals away from refined carbs, pretty much as you should stay away from sugar.

In Summary – Limit your simple carbs and aim to remove the refined carbs from your meals! 

The Ugly (fibrous)

One of the many advantages of fibrous carbs, is that they breakdown a lot slower and are not as quickly digested.

A few fibrous carb foods below to get you kick started, munch away on these to help support a leaner body;







Green beans 





Bell Peppers (green or red)


Brussels Sprouts


Fibrous carbs such as green vegetables don’t contain many calories at all. With this low calorie density we are able to eat until we are full with ingesting many fattening calories. If you’re building abs it is crucial to not go over your calorie limits. As you may know this is when.

Let us know if you can think of any food recipes you would make with the foods above!