Carbs, Protein & Training

Food is a major part In performance and getting those hard earned gains …EAT well…TRAIN well….BE well

If you are exercising once or more every day, you will use more energy than if you did little or none. If you are a healthy weight and don’t need to lose body fat, you will need to eat more food each day to maintain your weight.

However, you still need to have a balanced diet …Do you have an even food intake??

Eating carbohydrates pre/during/post training!

You will need more carbohydrate than protein if you are training regularly each day. Carbohydrates are your main source of energy, foods including bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and cereals, are the most important fuel for muscles, and are essential energy source for the brain and central nervous system, lack of carbs before/during training could cause dizziness or feeling flat (no energy) also mentally challenging to complete training plan. A small amount of carbs are stored in the muscles as glycogen so it is very important to keep them topped up throughout the day, low glycogen stores may result in poor performance and increase the risk of injury.

Note; if carbs are not used they will store as fat (body survival mode) so depending on your body shape size and how often you train will result in of the correct amount of carbohydrates to take on board. (see nutrition guidelines chart)

Eating protein post training!

Protein is essential for maintaining and building muscle, but you don’t have to eat excessive amounts of protein the maximum benefit. Consuming 20 grams of protein after your workout should be about right give or take a few grams based on your shape and size.

When it comes to selecting your 20-gram protein, pick whey, a fast-digesting protein. Why!! “Whey is a rich source of leucine, an amino acid that activates protein synthesis, and can only be consumed as the body cannot produce it ” It contains 10 percent leucine while other animal-based proteins have as little as 5 percent.  And while the majority of your diet should consist of whole foods chicken fish eggs etc, whey powder is an easy and inexpensive way to make sure you’re getting enough protein on a daily basis

See below nutrition guidelines for your body type

Nutrition guidelines by general goals and body type

body shapes