What goes into our planning when looking at pricing our memberships!

We break it down into 5 points.

1. The Building: 

Through all the years of training and experiencing other gyms in York we had a good idea of how we would like our own gym layout and what we found generally most gyms in York have cardio & weights all on one floor so that’s why we came up with 3 colored dedicated floors for Weights been the (Red room) Cardio (Blue Room) Studio (Classes)

So depending on what your goals are you can train with like-minded people and with that your gym experience will provide you with a comfortable environment to train in.


2.  The Equipment:

Again! With the whole family spending a lot of time using different types of gym equipment we came to the conclusion that we had to use Hammer Strength, Cybex, and Lifefitness gym equipment for our gym due to the quality and the feel when using them, the equipment names speak for themselves since they have been the top-ranked gym equipment in the U.S for several years.  We wanted the very best for our members so they could reach their goals in the quickest safest way possible and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback!

3.  The Staff:

Our family has always had a passion and love for physical sports and fitness from when our dad introduced it to us when we were kids and we, ve never looked back, Danny took it that bit further spending at least 15 years being a professional rugby league player and while been in the sports industry he’s worked with some world-class strength & conditioning coaches where he gained mast amount of experience training at an elite level.

Danny has also worked in schools in York and over Yorkshire taking school assemblies on health and nutrition, we’ve all gained a lot of knowledge passing it onto our members to help them achieve their fitness/gym goals. If you would like to know more about how Danny could help you click the link here

friendly gym staff york

4. The Location

Swift Fitness York was created because of the great location and how close we were to the city centre and the lack of high-quality gyms within the area we are only a 15-minute walk away from the York Minster and the popular York st Johns (we try and support our local schools and universities with a free pass ) only been 5 minutes away we also have 3 main bus stops running past the gym and good excess to cycle tracks linking to all local areas meaning no more getting stuck in traffic and wasting precious training time!

5. The Members

Even before the gym was off the ground we were thinking about how we were going to cater to our York local gym members, whether you are a well-seasoned trainer or stepping foot into a gym for the very first time we covered all areas to satisfy everyone but the biggest bonus is we are a family run gym so you get that personal touch right away and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who have been supporting us since 2014 and continue to do so.

A few snap shots from the  build at Swift Fitness York

gym membership price