What you can expect from Swift Fitness York

Stepping into a gym shouldn’t be stepping into the unknown. It is common knowledge that a gym like swift fitness is the place to go to find the apparatus and expertise to mould and reform your body physically for the better.

But for someone who has never stepped foot into a quality gym such as swift fitness what can you expect to find?

Swift fitness can provide you with different training atmospheres depending on your confidence in a gym, and to provide you with the correct motivation for yourself.

Our Red room equips you with the environment to strengthen yourself, become the best sporting athlete you can be and provide you with resistance training with weights using top of the range equipment. This is the place to come if you’re looking to build size and strength.

Our Blue room provides a health club style environment with a mixture of equipment to increase cardiovascular fitness and provide you with the tools for fat loss. Couple this with resistance machines for toning and increasing muscle density, you will find our blue rom has all the equipment to provide you with your summer beach body.

Situated at the top of swift fitness is our studio. We provide group exercise classes catering for a multitude of abilities. You will find classes here which will help you strive towards your fitness goals, and the motivation of skilled instructors combined with an atmosphere, and working together with like minded people, pushing in the same fitness direction as you.

So, still unsure about using our gym facility?

We can help you further here at swift fitness by offering you the opportunity to get help and guidance from one of our skilled employees.  Insure your moving in the right direction regarding your fitness goals by speaking to a member of staff. We are here to offer you the guidance needed for you to reach your full potential physically and create a better sense of well being.

Don’t expect the unexpected!

Danny Allan