Fantastic Feedback For Danny Allan Personal Training – Swift Fitness York

Feedback from Robert, one of our many valued members & Physio
I am 81 years old and have been going to Swift Fitness Centre for the last two years. In November 2018 I was taken into hospital as an Emergency Case and was diagnosed with Sepsis in A&E. Because of my age I was in a ward for the very old, and it was made clear to me that despite being very ill ( in fact I thought that I was dying) I was underlying quite fit.

I was discharged after seven days very weak ,unsteady on my feet, limping and with a Zimmer frame ,and confidence at zero and with septic arthritis affecting both knees but especially the left.

I arranged to see a physio and also signed up with Danny for personal training two/three hours a week . It is now mid -January , the physio has signed me off because he says my knees are now back to “normal” . I believe that getting in to hospital quickly and being reasonably fit for an 80 year old was the reason I recovered quite quickly. Also since continuing the personal training my confidence has completely recovered .

I would be wrong to say that Danny’s sessions are always enjoyable but I give him all the credit for my recovery.

Hi Danny,

Just a quick update on Stuart, I have examined his knee today and discharged him, functionally he is looking good and has great strength through his quads.

The only functional deficit I can find at the min is balance and proprioception bilaterally. I have given him 1 or 2 home exercises for think he can probably address this with you in your sessions or in his independent gym time. With that in mind I have discharged him.

For someone that was so low on confidence and function not so long ago he has come a long way so great job. Good to know there is a solid PT locally we can refer to when needed.